Setting up a Kiosk Screen

The easiest way to get your dashboard up on the wall

The Kiosk dongle

The easiest way to get Kiosk up on a wall is the Kiosk dongle

Creating a Kiosk Screen

Guide to setting up any screen as a Kiosk Screen

Kiosk on Amazon Fire TV

You have an Amazon Fire Stick? Or a Fire TV? Start kiosking!

Put Kiosk on your Chromecast

Have a Chromecast around? Hook it up with Kiosk and start the broadcast!

Kiosk Screen on your iOS Device

Get Kiosk running on an iPad or iPhone

Put Kiosk on your Raspberry Pi

Have a Raspberry Pi lying around? Install our custom image and hook it up to a TV and you are off to the races

Kiosk on an Android TV

Get Kiosk running on a TV with Android TV

Kiosk screen on your Android device

Turn your Android tablet or phone into a Kiosk screen

Turn your browser into a Kiosk Screen

One simple step to turn your browser tab into a Kiosk Screen