Put Kiosk on your Chromecast

Have a Chromecast around? Hook it up with Kiosk and start the broadcast!

With Kiosk it’s easy to stream your favourite home-made content, directly to local Chromecast Devices.

The advantage of using this feature, is that once you start casting with Kiosk, the Chromecast device will keep on playing your Kiosk content, even after you’ve closed off the browser, or logged off the computer.

To get started, open up Google Chrome or a Chrome-based browser (e.g. Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, etc) and log into https://cms.kiosk.show. Open the browser menu, select “Cast…” and choose a Chromecast device.


Great! Now you have a Screen!

To pair the screen with your Kiosk organisation - simply go to the screens overview in the CMS (https://cms.kiosk.show/screens), click the “Add Screen” button and input the pairing code.


After completing the pairing setup, you should see the Kiosk content streaming on your TV screen.

Now, you can close your browser, close your computer, and Kiosk will keep on playing.

Recast to Chromecast

Once in a while, it can happen that your Chromecast is used for something else other than Kiosk. For instance, you’ve temporarily cast another application, or you’ve restarted your Chromecast…

Not a problem! You can easily re-cast Kiosk in just a few seconds. Simply go to the screens list, and your Chromecast devices will be automatically flagged as offline. Toggle on the devices and bring Kiosk back on the screen.



Even though Chromecasts are great little devices, there are a few types of content which regular Chromecasts will not be able to play at a reasonable level of quality.

Some of the content types which will give you a bit of trouble, playing on Chromecast are: Canvas, Merry Christmas, and Weather Map. In addition, depending on the content that is inserted into them, you might also encounter diminished performance for the following content types: Website, Google Drive Photos, and Google slides